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Norway's best prices on SSL certificates

A GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate will cover multiple domains with all their sub domains (*, *, *, etc.) on just a single solution. With all of these new TLDs emerging, this is becoming a more and more popular option for businesses. This certificate activates HTTPS, comes with industry-standard encryption, and is backed by a $1,250,000 USD warranty. This SSL certificate also comes with a dynamic site seal that displays real-time verified information about your company. The seal confirms that your company has been vetted by a trusted third-party security organization and is safe to do business with, making this the perfect security solution for organization websites and other sites that rely on establishing trust with their visitors. Please be advised that the main domain of the SSL certificate can not be a wildcard.

FunctionalityGeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain Wildcard
Price per year5,390kr
Validation methodOrganization
SSL encryptedUp to 256-bit
Domains securedUnlimited subdomains for 2 SAN in addition to main domain
Price per domain after number 32,190kr
Maxmimum allowed domains (SAN)247
Issued1-2 days
Warranty amount1 250 000 USD
Extra support for mobile phones
Supports domains with special national letters (IDN)
Supports private IP addresses (RFC 1597)
Daily scanning of website
1 year free PCI scanning of website i
Higher ranking in Google search i
Site sealGeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain Wildcard site seal
Dynamic, displays company, date/time
Web browser support99.9%
Number of servers it can be installed onUnlimited
% saved compared to provider73%