Premium SSL Plus (Symantec Secure Site EV)

Maximize the amount of trust your visitors have in your site with the Premium SSL Plus certificate. This certificate offers the most value of all our available SSL solutions – as it activates the green address bar, HTTPS, the padlock icon, comes with a Norton® Secured Seal and highlights the website in searches. The green address bar will display the registered company name next to the URL within browsers and is utilized by the most popular sites in the world like Apple, Twitter, PayPal, and more. The Norton® Secured Seal is also the most trusted seal in the industry, seen more than a half a billion times per day in more than 170 countries. Plus, this certificate is backed by the highest warranty in the industry, $1,750,000 USD and the business validation process only takes 1-5 business days to complete before you can start reaping the benefits. This is a must for any legitimate business that wants to ensure their site is performing at the highest possible level. This solution is also SAN-enabled which means that it is capable of securing multiple domains with one certificate. As a Multi-Domain Premium SSL Plus, it can secure up to 25 domains.

FunctionalitySymantec Secure Site EV
Price per year689
Validation methodExtended
Company name in address bar
SSL encryptedUp to 256-bit
Domains secured1
Price per domain after number 1679€
Maxmimum allowed domains (SAN)249
Issued2-10 days
Warranty amount1 750 000 USD
Extra support for mobile phones
Supports domains with special national letters (IDN)
Supports private IP addresses (RFC 1597)
Daily scanning of website
1 year free PCI scanning of website i
Higher ranking in Google search i
Site sealSymantec Secure Site EV site seal
Dynamic, displays company, date/time
Web browser support99.9%
Number of servers it can be installed on1 i
% saved compared to provider22%