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What is dedicated IP?


Added: 08.07.2005 19:48:11     Last updated: 19.04.2017 18:50:07

Web hosting is provided without dedicated IP. Dedicated IP is a private IP-address only your domain/web hosting will have. Dedicated IP can be ordered when ordering web hosting or through the client portal as an additional service.

If your order with private IP, when typing in a web browser you will arrive at the same website as

Why would you NEED dedicated IP?
There are 3 reasons to order dedicated IP for your web hosting:

  1. Security and credibility for visitors
    A dedicated IP is no longer required to be able to install SSL certificate on your web hosting, but we recommend it still as it gives increased support in operating systems/web browsers. We have an increasing demand for SSL certificates. SSL certificate secures the communication with your visitors (they can also use https in the address bar) and gives your visitors greater security and trust in your identity, which again will result in more conversions (meaning your visitors preforming a desired action on the website).

    VeriSign has done several surveys indicating the use of EV (extended validation) SSL certificate on a website can help increase conversions by 5-87%. Average increase was 17,8%. Read more about this here:
    SSL Case Studies from VeriSign, Inc.
  2. Avoid email being marked as spam
    If you do not have dedicated IP on your web hosting when sending email you are using the same IP-address as the other web hostings on the server. We monitor the emails being sent, but unfortunately it is unavoidable spam being sent for short periods of time before the abuse is detected and stopped. In these cases the worst outcome will be that the IP-address the spam was sent from will be marked as spam-IP with some spamming surveillances. This may cause email being sent from web hosting without dedicated IP being marked as spam with some recipients until we have removed the servers IP-address from the spamlist. Web hostings with dedicated IP will in these cases not be affected and email will be delivered without it being marked as spam.
  3. Set up and test website before registering/transffering domain
    When ordering web hosting with PRO ISP you will be assigned an address (URL) where you may set up and test your website before registering/transffering the domain. Mostly this works well, but there can be issues with the Apache module mod_rewrite which is often used to improve the SEO of the addresses on the website. This issue is less of a concern with a dedicated IP where you can use the IP-address in the web browser and view the page.