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What is WHOIS protection and why should I use it on my domain name?


Added: 26.05.2017 14:16:33     Last updated: 20.10.2017 15:04:36

WHOIS is the contact information for your domain name. The information can be viewed freely by anyone online. In addition to containing your personal and company contact information, it also contains your email address. For obvious reasons this can result in identity theft and spam related problems. From what we can see due to the large amounts of spam reaching our servers and from what our clients are telling us, the latter seems to be the worst.

Our WHOIS protection solves both problems!

Example of how WHOIS protection looks like for a domain name

  • Contact information remains private
    All the information you enter in the WHOIS for your domain name is only stored in our systems and can not be viewed publicly. The information visible on your domain is for an organization created solely for the purpose of protecting your privacy.

    Many providers offering WHOIS protection often charge extra for this and very easily gives away information about the real owner. According to the United Nations, privacy is a fundamental human right, so we are not going to hand over the data easily. There is a matter of due diligence, and a set of procedures and each request will be dealt with on its own merit.
  • 100% spam free solution
    The following will happen if any email is sent to the public contact email address of the domain if domain lock is:
    • ON
      Any email sent to the contact email address will get rejected by the email server and will get a notification with instructions on how to contact the registrant or to file a complaint. The domain contact will not get any information about the email sent to the public contact email address before the sender have completed the instructions sent by email in return.
    • OFF
      The domain contact will get an email stating that an email has been sent to the public email address with a link to view the email.

The solution is 100% whitelabeled so if you are a partner and do not want PRO ISP to appear in any setting you can rest assured that nobody can trace this back to us.

Not all TLDs have support for WHOIS protection unfortunately due to rules and regulations from the respective registries. .no domain names is one such TLD. Domains that have support for WHOIS protection will have an option for this in the information below the domain name in the client portal. You can also see if the TLD has support for this in the subpages of the domain page.

Domain names with support for WHOIS protection will automatically be registered or transferred with this on. If you do not want this you can turn off this setting in your profile in the client portal. Guide for activating WHOIS protection.