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Change web host without transferring domain name


Added: 10.03.2014 23:26:29     Last updated: 09.12.2021 14:45:00

This guide details how to proceed to change to PRO ISP as web host without transferring your domain name.

In which cases would it be applicable to not transfer your domain name to PRO ISP? From our experiences these are typical cases:

  • It is not possible to transfer the domain name to PRO ISP. Certain top level domains can not be transferred or you are going to use a sub domain of the domain and you are only allowed to change where that sub domain points. In the latter case you would have to order if it was that you wanted to create a web hosting account for and let support know what is the intended domain name for the account.
  • The price for the domain is lower at your present supplier.
  • You want to keep the domain and the web hosting account separate in case there are conflicts, which would make it easier to switch web hosting service if you do not come to an agreement. Unfortunately, there are many small and disreputable companies who have given rise to this thought in today's market. A typical case is that the providers closes down its operations without informing the customer or doing what is necessary for the customer to be able to move its domain name away from the supplier. In our experience this mostly applies to very small providers.

Recommended procedure:

  1. Ordering desired web hosting service
    Order desired web hosting service via our website. When you order, you choose the alternative for ”Use” in the search result for your domain name (see example in the picture below). Complete the order and check that you have received the same number of emails as is listed on the last page of the order.

    If your top level domain is not listed in the search results, you can order one of the other top level domains and let support know about your desired top level domain after completed order.
    Domain search during order pages
  2. Migration of existing web hosting account to a web hosting account at PRO ISP
    Follow points 2-13 in this guide as needed.
  3. Pointing of domain name towards web hosting service
    The domain name can point towards the web hosting at PRO ISP in the following ways:
    1. Change of name servers - RECOMMENDED
      When the order is completed you will receive an email where our name servers are listed. To change name servers for your domain name, you must normally log in to a customer system/control panel at your current supplier. If you do not have access to a system like that, you must contact your current supplier and ask them to change it for you.

      When the name servers has been changed, it usually takes 0-2 days until all the servers on the web has registered the change of web hosting service.
    2. Change of the domain's zone file (DNS)
      If you want to point the domain name towards a web hosting service with this method, you should know what you are doing, as it requires a certain skill level as well as access to the zone file. The following A records should be updated/added to the zone file (where must be substituted with your domain):

      All records should point towards the IP of the server your web hosting account is at and which is listed in the account information you received when you ordered. * is a wild card and implies that records that has not been added to the zone file will point towards our server. If the wild card is not used, you will have to add the following A records instead of * (towards the same IP) in addition to any subdomains you might create: