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How do I check the Spamexperts quarantine


Added: 22.03.2019 11:28:00     Last updated: 03.12.2021 13:16:44

This guide will show you how to check and manage emails that have been quarantined by Spamexperts.
This guide assumes that you have already logged in to the customer portal with your customer number and that Spamexperts is active on your web hosting. If Spamexperts is not active it can be activated by following this guide.

Step 1:
Choose "Web hosting" from the frontpage as shown in the screenshot below.

Choose Web Hosting

Step 2:
Find the correct web hosting by scrolling down. Click the "SpamExperts antivirus and spam filter" link.

Click SpamExperts antivirus and spam filter

Step 3:
Click the blue icon on the right hand side, in the column named "Control Panel".

Click the blue icon

Step 4:
Click the "Spam quarantine" button or the "Spam quarantine" field in the sidebar. Both methods will take you to the same page.

Click Spam quarantine

Step 5:
You are now at a page displaying all the emails that have been put into quarantine by Spamexperts and were stopped before they arrived in your inbox. Here's an example of how this could look:

List of spam

Step 6:
On this page you can also add or remove columns according to what information you want to see. To do this you click the drop-down menu that says "Customise" and activate or deactivate columns to suit your needs. Click the "Show Results" button to update the page to display the new information.

Add and remove columns

You can also manage the emails that have been quarantined from this page. You can do this by clicking the arrow in the left column. Here you have several choices, but the two most commonly used are:

  • "Release from quarantine" - This will release the email from quarantine. The email will then get sent to your mailbox.
  • "Whitelist sender" - This puts the sender of the email in your whitelist. This means that no emails from that sender will get stopped by Spamexperts.
Manage emails

We have now gone through the process of checking and managing emails that have been quarantined by Spamexperts.