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How to deactivate mod_security in cPanel


Added: 04.12.2018 16:23:33     Last updated: 11.05.2019 14:49:23

This guide requires you to first log into cPanel.

By default, the mod_security module of Apache is enabled on all our servers for optimal security. This guide shows how to turn off the mod_security module for a domain name in cPanel.

Below are some examples where you may want to disable mod_sec for a domain name:
- If the developer of the website were having trouble running a special code
- If the website / code provides a 403/406 /50X error message, it may in some cases help turn off mod_security
- Sometimes there are FP (false positive) mod_sec rules that allow normal code to give an error message
When mod_security is disabled in cPanel it can take up to 1 minute before changes take effect on your domain.

Step 1:
Click the "ModSecurity" icon as shown below:

Disable ModSecurity for domain in cPanel

Step 2:
Below you will find information about what the different things mean.

  1. With this button you can disable mod_security for all your domain names.
  2. Here you can disable only for a current domain name.
  3. If you have many domain names and only want to turn off for a single, you can search for the domain here.
Deactivate/disable mod_security for domains in cPanel

Step 3:
Below, mod_security is disabled on all domain names.

  1. The notification shows that mod_security was turned off on all domains and that it is not recommended to keep it disabled.
  2. If you want to enable mod_security, you can enable it for all domains again by using this button.

Activate/enable mod_sec for domains in cPanel

We have now been through how to disable the mod_security module for your domains in cPanel.