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Setup email account in Windows 10 mail


Added: 08.02.2018 10:32:03     Last updated: 19.04.2018 09:46:09

This guide explains how to setup an email account with the emailclient for Windows 10.

To set up email in Windows 10, you must use the values supplied below. Exchange these values with the values valid for your email account with PRO ISP. In this example, we used as the email address with a specified password. For the inbound and outbound email server, you should use as the server name if you are using SSL (recommended). The X should then be exchanged for the number of the PRO ISP server on which the email account is configured. If you do not use SSL, you can also use, where must then be exchanged for the domain for which you wish to configure the email account in Windows 10 mail.

We recommend that the email account be set up using IMAP4 instead of POP3, so that the emails will remain on our server instead of being deleted when they are downloaded. For this reason, this guide will show how to create the email account using IMAP4.

User name:
Password: *******

Inbound mail server (without SSL):
Outbound mail server SMTP (without SSL):

Inbound mail server (SSL):
Outbound mail server SMTP (SSL):


Step 1:
Open the email app from the Windows menu.

Step 2:
1. Click on the cogwheel to open settings.
2. Select "Manage accounts".

Step 3:
Select "Add account".


Step 4:
Select "Advanced setup".


Step 5:
Select "Internet email".


Step 6:
1. Insert the email adress you wish to add.
2. Insert username.
3. Insert password.
4. Insert accountname.
5. Insert senders name.
6. Insert server for incoming email ( where you trade the X for the server your hosting is located at).
7. Select accounttype (we recommend IMAP4).
8. Insert server for outgoing email ( where you trade the X for the server your hosting is located at).
9. Select "Sign in".

The account has now been set up.

We have now been through how to setup email account in Windows 10 mail.