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How to install LiteSpeed cache plugin for WordPress


Added: 30.03.2016 22:23:44     Last updated: 18.06.2021 09:26:28

For customers who are on a LiteSpeed server, we have added the possibility to use LiteSpeed's cache plugin for WordPress (LSCWP). The advantage of LSCWP is that it supports HTTPS, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, and that LiteSpeed's own embedded cache is used. This makes for significantly more efficient caching than other PHP based caches. Caching reduces the loading time for the pages on the website. Faster websites makes the visitors feel like they have a more positive experience on your website, and will make them spend more time on your site.

Customers with Pro Medium or Premium have the possibility to choose LiteSpeed server. If you have Pro Start and want better performance on your website, you can upgrade and be moved to a LiteSpeed server. Contact us for help.

Step 1
Search for "LiteSpeed" in WordPress under Expansions and click "Install now".

Install page for Litespeed's cache plugin to Wordpress

Step 2
Activate the plugin.

Activate LiteSpeed's cache plugin

Step 3
It is not necessary to do this step to ensure that the cache is in use, but we highly recommend that you follow this step to ensure that you are using the recommended settings. LiteSpeed have created a number of profiles that you can use. We recommend that you use the profile Advanced which you can download here:

You can read more about the profile here:

  1. Click on "LiteSpeed Cache".
  2. Click on "[2] Import / Export".
  3. Click to upload the profile you want to use.
  4. Click to import the profile.

Import profile for LiteSpeed cache plugin

The page will now be cached with standard setting. The settings can be edited in the plugin menu if you have specific pages or other things you do not want to put in cache.

To check that this is working, you can inspect the website in the web browser and look under "Network". If you get anything else than "hit" under X-LiteSpeed-Cache, it is not working.
Be aware that nothing is cached when you are logged into WordPress.
Cache is put in the folder lscache in the root record on your web hosting account. Outdated cache files will automatically be removed by the web server a while after they expire.
If you click on "Purge All" in the plugin, the cache files will be marked as expired.

Check that LiteSpeed's cache is working on your Wordpress website

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