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Optimize website with compression via cPanel


Added: 16.01.2016 15:54:59     Last updated: 09.12.2021 22:45:44

This guide details how to optimalize the performance of your website, by turning on compression of contents. The guide requires you to log into cPanel.

Many people use external services and tools to check the performance of their website. A good example for that is GTmetrix. A typical result on a standard installation (in this case Wordpress) can be seen below.

  1. We see which «score» the performance of your website gets.
  2. One of the most common reasons for bad score is the lack of content compression.
  3. We see how long it takes to load the page, as well as how much data has to be downloaded by the visitors.

GTMetrix performance report for a WordPress site

Via cPanel you have access to activating compression of a website's content.

Step 1:
Click on the icon «Optimize Website» under the tab «Software»

Click Optimize Website

Step 2:

  1. Here we choose that all content on the website should be compressed.
  2. Alternatively, you can choose that only specific content (MIME types) should be compressed.
  3. Click on «Update settings» for the changes to take effect.

Optimize Website configuration options in cPanel

Step 3:
If we now run the same check of the website's performance, the result will be better.

  1. We see that the score and the grade has been greatly improved.
  2. Also not that the loading time for the website, as well as how much data is loaded by the visitors, is greatly reduced.

Updated GTMetrix performance report


We have now seen how you can optimalize your website by compressing the contents. Note that there are many factors to consider when it comes to optimalizing websites, and compressing is only one of these factors. Tools like GTmetrix and Pingdom can be useful for finding out if you need to look closer to improve the performance of your website.

We recommend testing our website builder if you still have not stared making your website yet.