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Overview of resource usage in your web hosting account


Added: 01.03.2016 08:46:43     Last updated: 23.08.2021 13:25:48

This guide shows how to proceed to look at the consumption of resources on your web hosting account in cPanel. The guide requires you to first log into cPanel.

Step 1
Click on the icon "CPU and concurrent connection usage" as shown in the screenshot below.

Click to see overview of your consumption of resources for your web hosting account

Step 2
If your account hasn't been limited for consumption of resources in the past 24 hours, the message about this will look like the screenshot below.
Click on the link "Details" to see a complete overview of consumption of resources.

See current status for your account and click forward to see graphs for the resource usage

Step 3
The time frame for the overview can be chosen in the interval 10 minutes and up to 30 days back in time.
See more information below the picture.

Graphs showing consumption of resources in regards to memory,cpu,i/o,visitors etc.

The graphs
The green graph shows average consumption.
Red graph shows the limit for how much your account has left to consumption of the specific resource.
Blue graph shows usage from MySQL/MariaDB in CPU and I/O consumption.

The limits will vary depending on which services you have with us.

CPU Consumption
CPU consumption tells how much of the processor (work force) your account has access to.
More CPU will let you perform processes faster. If the limit is reached the processes will be slower.

Phisycal Memory Consumption
Physical memory (RAM) which is consumptiond by the processes that are being run on your account.
If the limit is reached, 500 and 503 error messages might show up on your website.

Input / Output consumption
Input / Output consumption, shortened IO, tells how much reading and writing to disc your account has access to.
Maximum consumption will not result in error messages, only make the writing/reading slower until the consumption is back to normal.
Websites which use disk cache will not affect IO.

Entry Processes
This limit is for the amount of process run on the account at the same time.
If the limit is set to 20 and you have 20 visitors who click and load content from your website at the same time, there will be no more processes available for visitor number 21.
In this case next process number 21 will get a 508 error message (Resource Limit Reached).

If the limits are reached often, we recommend taking a look at our frequently asked questions here.