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Set up backup of a computer using Acronis Backup


Added: 06.12.2019 10:42:18     Last updated: 16.12.2021 14:14:51

This is a guide on how to set up backup in the Acronis backup solution. The guide assumes that you are logged into the customer account and have ordered the Acronis backup solution.

Step 1

  1. Under Products on the customer page, select "Backup". You will then get an overview of your backup services.
  2. Click "Log me into control panel" to be logged into Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud.
Choose Backup in the customer portal

Step 2
The first time you log into Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud, a box of legal terms will appear. Read through these, mark that they are read and click the "Accept" button.

Log into the Acronis Cyber Cloudcontrol panel

Step 3
Once the terms are accepted, you will be taken to the page to add a device. Here you choose the type of backup you want to make. In this guide we continue with "Files or the whole machine".

Choose that you want to take a backup of a computer

Step 4
Here you have to choose whether to install the backup agent on Windows or MacOS. The browser will then download the Acronis Backup Agent program that must be installed in order for backups to be taken. For an overview of what you can back up, see the overview here.

Choose whether you're backing up a Windows PC or a Mac

Step 5
When the installation of the program is complete, you will be presented with the button "Register the machine". This will connect the machine to the Acronis account. Once connected, you will be able to enable backups for the machine.

Register the computer in Acronis Cyber Cloud

Step 6
The machine should now appear in the control panel. From here you can now set up the actual backup.

Activate the backup of the computer in Acronis Cyber Cloud

Step 7
Once you have added a machine, you can manage it from the control panel.

  1. This is where you set up backup plans.
  2. This is where you recover from a backup.
  3. This tab shows information about the machine.
  4. This tab shows the activity log for the machine.
  5. This tab shows notifications for the machine.
  6. Click here to remove the connection between the machine and the control panel.
Explanation of the backup settings in Acronis Cyber Cloud

Step 8
When setting up the backup, you can configure several values:

  1. How much to back up. Here you can choose everything from a single file to the whole machine.
  2. Where to place the security storage. Here you can choose cloud storage, storage to another machine over a network or backup to the local machine.
  3. How often the backup should be done.
  4. How long to keep your backups.
  5. Whether the backup should be encrypted and password protected.
  6. When all the fields are set as desired, press the "Apply" button to create the backup plan.
Walkthrough of the settings for a backup plan in Acronis Cyber Cloud

Step 9
Once you have set up a protection plan, you can edit the details of it like indicated below:

  1. This will show the menu.
  2. Where to edit the detils of the plan.
  3. Where to rename the plan.
  4. Disabling the plan will place it on hold until it is reactivated.
  5. This will remove the plan.
Editing the details of an existing backup plan

We have now set up backups through Acronis.