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Setup email account in Microsoft Outlook 2007


Added: 10.03.2014 23:26:29     Last updated: 19.04.2018 09:37:20

This guide explains how to create an email account in Microsoft Outlook 2007. We assume that you have installed Microsoft Outlook 2007 on your PC and that you have not set up any email accounts previously.

To set up email in Microsoft Outlook 2007, you must use the values supplied below. Exchange these values with the values valid for your email account with PRO ISP. In this example, we used as the email address with a specified password.

For the inbound and outbound email server, you should use as the server name if you are using SSL (recommended). The X should then be exchanged for the number of the PRO ISP server on which the email account is configured. If you do not use SSL, you can also use, where must then be exchanged for the domain for which you wish to configure the email account in Outlook 2007.

User name:
Password: ********

Inbound mail server (without SSL):
Outbound mail server SMTP (without SSL):

Inbound mail server (SSL):
Outbound mail server SMTP (SSL):

Port for inbound mail server:
    - POP without SSL: 110
    - POP with SSL: 995
    - IMAP without SSL: 143
    - IMAP with SSL: 993
Port for outbound mail server SMTP without SSL: 26
Port for outbound SMTP with SSL: 465

Step 1:

  1. Go to "Tools".
  2. Select "Account settings".
Select Tools and Account settings

Step 2:
A new window will appear in which you can create a new email account.

Select New email account

Step 3:

  1. Type in the name of the account user. This name will be visible as the sender of email sent from this account.
  2. Type in the email account that you wish to add.
  3. Type in the password twice.
  4. Press "Next".

Tick the option to Configure server settings manually, and proceed

Step 4:
Outlook will now try to find the settings for the account automatically, and you will receive a warning regarding the certificate. Press "Yes".

Select internet email account

Step 5:

  1. If the information you entered is correct, it will look like this.
  2. Press "Finish" in order to begin using the account.
  3. If Outlook is not able to find the correct settings, you will have to tick the option to "Configurer the server settings manually".

Settings for Outlook 2007

Step 6:
If Outlook does not find the settings automatically, you must set it up yourself.

  1. Specify the inbound and outbound server. You should have received this information when your ordered the web hosting solution from us.
  2. Type in the correct user name (always the full email address) and the password.
  3. Press "More settings" in order to select the inbound and outbound port numbers (see next step).
  4. Press "Finish" in order to start using the settings.
The account has now been added in Outlook 2007

Step 7:
When choosing "More settings" the below window will be shown.

  1. Specify the correct port number for the inbound and outboung server.
  2. Choose what type of encryption to use. We recommend always using SSL whenever possible.
  3. Under "Outbound mail server", you tick the option for the outbound server requiring authentication.

Step 8:

  1. You will see that the account has now been added. Unless you are using several accounts, this will now be used as the default.
  2. Press "Close" in order to start using the email account.

Step 9:
The email account has now been added, and it can be used for sending and receiving email.

We have now been through the steps required for setting up an email account in Microsoft Outlook 2007.