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Setup of an email account in Windows Phone


Added: 02.11.2015 14:13:43     Last updated: 19.04.2018 09:43:23

This guide explains how to set up the email client that comes with Windows Phone to send and receive email.

To set up email in Windows Phone, you must use the values supplied below. Exchange the values with the values that apply to your email account with PRO ISP. In this example, we used as the email address with a specified password.

You should use as the inbound and outbound mail server name, if you are using SSL. X must then be exchanged with the number of the PRO ISP server on which the email account is configured. If you do not use SSL, you can also use, where must then be exchanged for the domain for which you wish to configure the email account.

User name:
Password: ********

Inbound mail server (without SSL):
Outbound mail server SMTP (without SSL):

Inbound mail server (SSL):
Outbound mail server SMTP (SSL):

Port for inbound mail server:
    - POP without SSL: 110
    - POP with SSL: 995
    - IMAP without SSL: 143
    - IMAP with SSL: 993
Port for outbound mail server SMTP without SSL: 26
Port for outbound mail server SMTP with SSL:465

Step 1:
Begin by opening the built-in Outlook email application.

Outlook for Windows Phone

Step 2:

  1. Press the symbol shown below in order to open the menu.
  2. Tap "Add email account"

Add email account in Windows Phone

Step 3:
Select "Other account".


Step 4:

  1. Enter the email address you wish to add.
  2. Enter the password for the account.
  3. If the phone is able to find the correct settings automatically, you can just proceed. If not, tap the "Try Again" button, until the "Advanced" button appears.
  4. Tap the på "Advanced" button in case the phone has not found the correct settings automatically.

User name and password Windows Phone

Step 5:
Select "Internet email".

Internet Email

Step 6:

  1. Enter the desired account name. If you have set up several email accounts on the same device, it may be a good idea to give it a logical name, so it is easy to tell the accounts apart.
  2. Enter the name of the person who uses the account. This will be visible as the sender of the emails from this account.
  3. Enter the inbound server name. You should have received this information when ordering your web hosting solution from us.
  4. Choose for the account type to be IMAP (IMAP4).
  5. Enter the user name, this is always the full email address.
  6. Enter the password for the email account
  7. It may be a good idea to tick the option for the password to be displayed, so you can check that it is correct.
  8. Enter the outbound server name. You received this information when ordering your web hosting solution from us.
  9. Tick the option indicating that the outbound server requires authentication (Outbound server requires authentication)
  10. Tick the option to use the same user name and password for both the outbound and inbound servers.
  11. Tap "Sign in" to complete the setup

Account information for email in Windows Phone

Outbound email server Windows Phone

Step 7:
As long as the information specified in the previous steps was correct, the account will now be ready for use.

Email account setup in Windows Phone complete

We have now covered the steps for adding an email account on your Windows Phone.