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Install Typo3


Added: 10.03.2014 23:26:29     Last updated: 22.08.2017 16:15:53

We recommend to install Typo3 automatically from our control panel. Follow the guide here.

This guide details how to proceed to install Typo3 CMS on your web hosting account. Be aware that you can also install Typo3 via Softaculous, which you have access to on your web hosting account.

When you ordered you received an email with information about the web hosting account you created with us. In the window below we have specified relevant information for the web hosting service we use in this example, as well as other relevant information:
Typo3 version:7.5.0
Full URL for Typo3 installation:
Database name:dittdome_typo3
Database user:dittdome_bruker

Step 1 - Download Typo3:
Go to Typo3's website at and download the latest version of Typo3. You will be able to choose between different file formats when you download. Choose the one you prefer. If you do not have any specific preferences, you should choose .zip since this will usually offer less challenges.

Step 2 - Unpack the archive:
The file you downloaded is an archive that contains all of Typo3. Unpack this locally on the computer you are using.

Step 3 - Create database:
To use Typo3 you must have a database. Follow the guide Create MySQL database in cPanel to create the database with associated database user. During the creation we specify "typo3" as database name and "user" as database user in this guide. That gives database names and database usernames like it's given in the top of this guide (all database names and database usernames will get the web hosting account's username as prefix).

Step 4 - Upload Typo3 on the web hosting account:
Typo3 can be uploaded in several ways. This guide details the simplest method - via FTP. If you are unsure about how to set up an FTP client, you should click on our guide for this in the guide section on our websites.

In our example we will install Typo3 on the address When you log in via FTP you must go to the folder public_html. Files that are put in the folder public_html will be accessible on the address If you cannot find the folder public_html you have most likely specified in your FTP client that it should start in that folder.

Upload all files for the Typo3 installation from your locak computer to the web hosting account. Be aware that this might take some time, since there are many files to upload.

Step 5 - Create file:
Create an empty file with the name FIRST_INSTALL in the same folder where the Typo3 installation was uploaded (/public_html).

Step 6 - Browser installation:
Go to the address in your browser. You will automatically see the first page of the installation.

System environment check

  1. Typo3 will show serious mistakes in the setup marked with red background. This type of mistakes must be corrected before one can move on with the installation.
  2. Typo3 will show less serious mistakes in the setup marked with yellow background. This type of mistakes should be corrected before one can move on with the installation.
  3. Click on the burron "Fixed. Check again" after the mistakes from pt. 1 and pt. 2 has been corrected, to verify.
  4. If there are still mistakes as described in pt. 1 and pt. 2, further correction is required.
Typo3 installation - System envirtonment check

When all mistakes are corrected, Typo3 will show without error messages. Click on the button "System looks good. Continue!" to move on with the installation.

Typo3 installation - System environment check OK

Database connection

  1. Specify database user. In our case this is "ittdoubc_bruker".
  2. Specify password for database user.
  3. Choose "TCP/IP based connection" for type.
  4. Specify database host. This should be "" unless there has been set up a database on a different server than the one your web hosting account is located on.
  5. Port 3306.
  6. Click on the button "Continue" to move on to the next page.
Typo3 installation - Database connection

Choose database

  1. Choose the database that Typo3 should use, which you created in step 3. In our case this is "ittdoubc_typo3".
  2. Click on the button "Continue" to move on to the next page.
Typo3 installation - Select database

Create user and import basis data

  1. Type in desired username for administrator of the Typo3 installation. In this example we have typed in username admin. It is recommended to use a different username for security reasons.
  2. Specify desired password for the administrator user.
  3. Specify the name of the website you are creating.
  4. Click on "Continue" to move on to the next page.
Typo3 installation - Create user and import base data

Installation completed.
The installation process is now completed. Click on the button "Open the backend" to go to the log in window for administrator to start using your new Typo3 installation.

Typo3 installation - Installation done

We have now been through how to install Typo3 on your web hosting account. You can now see your website on the URL you installed it on, and administer is via the administrator page. In our example the URL is like the two in the window below:

URL for your website:
URL for administrator pages: