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Outdated software in your web hosting account


Added: 15.04.2016 15:12:09     Last updated: 11.05.2019 14:19:41

This guide requires you to first log into cPanel.

If there is an installed software on your web hosting account, we import these directly into Softaculous. When there is a new version of the software we will send out an email about this to the contact email address for the costumer number. Softaculous will also send out its own email to the contact email that is registered in cPanel.

Before you begin the update of the software/script, plugin/themes and other things should already be updated beforehand.

Upgrade software
If you log in to cPanel you will see an icon that shows there is a new update. Click on the notice like the picture shows.

Upgrade script/software via Softaculous in cPanel

Click on the little blue arrows to move on.

Click to upgrade script/software via cPanel

1. You can tick this if Softaculous should take its own backup before upgrading WordPress from version 4.4.2 to 4.5.
2. Click on "Upgrade".

View upgrade options in Softaculous

The software was upgraded.

Upgrade of script/software is completed

The website should be checked after the upgrade. If there's anything that isn't working, you can try changing the PHP version first, and if that doesn't work, you can recover from backup.

Remove installation
If the software/script was removed manually via FileManager/FTP and not via Softaculous, will it still be in the database of Softaculous. Then you will still receive emails about a new update.
In this case, you can go in to Softaculous and remove the installation from the database.

Click on "X".

Remove script/software in Softaculous

1. If the software is there and you want the folder/database/database user to be deleted, you must tick the checkboxes.
If the software was removed manually and you want to remove the software from Softaculous, it's not necessary to tick the checkboxes..
2. Click "Remove Installation"

Removal options for software in Softaculous

The installation is now removed from Softaculous' database.

Script is removed from Softaculous

Turn off notifications
You can turn off notifications about outdates software via the customer pages under your customer profile.
When you have deactivated notifications, you will not receive notifications from any of your web hosting accounts.

Turn off notifications about outdated software on PRO ISP's customer pages