Restore web hosting account backup


Added: 10.03.2014 23:26:29     Last updated: 02.11.2018 14:55:16

This guide explains how to restore the files, folders and databases in your web hosting account.

Please note that:

  • This functionality is available to all of our web hosting packages.
  • It is now possible to restore databases as well. Should you face any issues with this, please get in touch with our support, providing the name of the database and the date.
  • Backups are executed daily, and they are available 30 days back.
  • If you log in to cPanel through the customer pages, you must have the user name and password to access the backup server.*
  • If you log in to cPanel directly, you do not need the user name/password to access the backup server.
  • When recovering email content, emails received after the selected date will be lost. Therefore, take extra backup of your email before starting recovery. You can also create an additional email and copy the content before you start restoring.
  • Postgresql databases are not supported by R1Soft. We take their own backup of such databases and therefore support needs to be contacted to restore them.

Step 1:
Click on the "R1Soft Restore Backups" icon as shown in the below screenshot:

R1Soft Backup ikon

Step 2:
Use your cPanel username and password to enter the R1Soft backup server.

R1Soft Backup ikon

Step 3:

In this example, we want to restore all of the content in the public_html folder from April 12th:
1. Click on the icon to open the backup from the desired date.

Select folder for restore

Step 4:

Double-click the "home" folder.

Select folder for restore and restore to server

Step 5:

You can also restore specific files/folders if you double-click the "public_html" folder. In this example, we will restore the entire folder.
Tick the "public_html" folder.
1. Press "Restore Selected" to restore the entire folder.
2. You can also download the public_html mappen to your machine, if you want to.
3. A copy of the public_html folder can also be sent to the server in a .zip, .gzip or .tar file.

Confirm restore

Step 6

Press "Restore" to overwrite the files and folders in the public_html folder of your web hosting account.
In some cases, for account if the account has been hacked, it can be a good idea to remove all of the contents in the public_html folder before performing a restore.

Restore complete


The restore from a backup has now been completed. The entire "public_html" folder has been overwritten with the older version in your account.

We have now covered the steps needed to restore a backup from a specific date.
It is not necessary to restore the entire web hosting account. If you need to restore deleted or lost emails, you can do so by accessing the mail folder.

Database restore
Step 1
Instead of selecting files/folders in Step 2, you can select the database icon as shown in the image below.

Select the desired restore date

Step 2
Press the plus sign to display the list of your databases.

Press the plus sign to display the list of available databases

Step 3
1. Tick the database you wish to restore.
2. Press "Restore Selected" to restore the database, overwriting the one currently present in your web hosting account.

Select the database to restore

Step 4
The database has now been restored.

The restore of the database has now been completed

We have now covered the steps needed to restore a database from a specific date.