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Restore web hosting account backup


Added: 09.04.2019 11:10:05     Last updated: 16.12.2021 14:06:52

This guide explains how to restore files, folders and databases on your web hosting through the Acronis Backup. The guide requires you to first log into cPanel.

Please note that:

  • This functionality is available to all of our web hosting packages.
  • Backups are executed daily, and they are available 30 days back.
  • When recovering email content, emails received after the selected date will be lost. Therefore, take extra backup of your email before starting recovery. You can also create an additional email and copy the content before you start restoring.
  • Postgresql databases are not supported by Acronis. We take our own backup of such databases and therefore support needs to be contacted to restore them.

Step 1:
Click the icon for "Acronis Backup" as shown below:

Acronis Backup

Step 2:
In this example we want to restore the content in the "public_html" folder from April 5th. Click on the date to show the possible items we can recover.

Backup date

Step 3:
Click "Files" as shown below.

File backup

Step 4:
You can also recover specific files and folders by navogating around the filesystem from here. In this example we want to recover the entire "public_html" folder, so we check the checkbox next to it (you might have to scroll down to find it).
1. Click "Recover" to recover the folder.
2. You can also download the entire "public_html" folder if you want. This will use disk-space from the web hosting and will appear in the "recovered_files" folder in the root of the hosting.

Recover or download

Step 5:
Click "Start Recovery" to overwrite the files on your web hosting under the "public_html" folder. In some cases, if for example your account has been conpromised, you might want to delete all the content of the "public_html" folder before recovering.

Start recovery

Step 6:
The recovery is now complete. The entire "public_html" folder is overwritten with the one from the backup.

Recovery complete

We have now been through how to recover files from a backup from a specific date. It is usually not needed to recover the entire web hosting, only specific folders. If you need to recover emails, you can follow this guide.


Database recovery

Step 1
Instead of choosing "Files" in step 3 above, choose "Databases" as shown below.

Choose databases


Step 2
Check the checkbox next to the database you want to recover, then click "Recover".

Check database


Step 3
Click "Start Recovery" to recover the database. This will replace the database currently on the web hosting. If you want to recover the database with a different name, check the "Add suffix to the recovered database name" checkbox and add text in the textbox before clicking "Start Recovery". Note: you will need to have room for another database on your webhosting for recovery with a different name to be possible.

Start recovery


Step 4
The database recovery is now finished.

Recovery complete

We have now been through how to recover a database from backup from a specific date.